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Global Engineering Dealer Policy

1. General provisions.

The purpose of the dealer system is marketing for the products of Global Engineering and receiving additional income by finding new customers, both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Authorized dealer is a legal entity that acquires the products of Global Engineering in large bulk at special dealer prices in accordance with the established scope and procedure of procurement.

Global Engineering Authorized Dealer:

  • Is referred to as Authorized dealer and represents the "Global Engineering" company's products in the market.
  • Sells the products of Global Engineering wholesale and retail at its own prices.

Assigning the status of the Global Engineering Authorized dealer takes place at the conclusion of the.Dealer agreement.

2. Procedures for formalizing dealer relations.

To obtain the status of an Authorized dealer the applicant company must meet the following requirements:

  • have a salesroom suitable for presenting products (showroom);
  • have a storage meeting the requirements of the profile systems' storing;
  • have a staff of qualified sales professionals.

For the first three months of collaboration the company applicant wishing to acquire the status of an Authorized dealer, concludes an Agreement of intention and procures Global Engineering products at dealer prices in the prescribed amount, manner and time of delivery.

As of such three months, subject to conditions of the Agreement of intention, the applicant company concludes the main Dealer agreement and obtains the status of the Global Engineering Authorized dealer.

3. Legal obligations of the parties.

3.1. Authorized dealer is obliged:

  • To provide the set amount of monthly purchases.
  • To abide by the terms and payment.
  • To provide the agreed minimum reserve of profile systems in stock.
  • To abide by the terms and conditions of transportation and storage of profile systems.
  • To have equipped site for cutting profiles or contract for cutting profiles in an ouside organization.
  • To organize exhibition stands with the samples on the standard profile systems in sales areas.
  • To sell profile systems by the names and the original articles of Global Engineering. To include a range of profile systems in its price lists.
  • To train sales managers advise clients on the range, purpose, the rules of assembly and installation, calculation, cutting profile systems.
  • To market profile systems in accordance with the Global Engineering promoting conception.
  • To conduct promotional activities, contributing to the increase in sales volumes of profile systems, together with the representatives of Global Engineering, including:

- carrying out of presentations and training seminars for clients;

- placing information on the range of profile systems on the web site in the Internet;

- spreading of samples, catalogues, booklets and other printed advertising materials on profile systems in trading areas.

3.2. Global Engineering is obliged:/p>

  • To supply the Authorized dealer with profile systems at dealer prices and in accordance with the terms of the Dealer agreement.
  • To provide information on the purpose, the rules of assembly and installation, calculation, cutting profile systems; promptly report about all innovations.
  • To assist in promoting the profile system by conducting joint presentations, seminars and other events.
  • To train the staff of the Authorized dealer in selling profile systems, promotion techniques, as well as properties and characteristics of the products.
  • Authorized dealer is obliged to create the necessary conditions for such training.
  • To post information about the company and contacts of the Authorized dealer on the web site and other promotional materials.

5. Final provisions

Dealer agreement is made for a period of 1 year. Upon the expiry of this period and under the conditions of the agreement Global Engineering makes a decision on the renewal of the Dealership agreement for the next calendar year.

Dealer agreement can be terminated if the Authorized dealer violates its terms.


Development, manufacture and selling of profiles for advertising

Production of aluminium profiles and componentsDrafting and matrix tools designCutting profiles on the professional equipment
Production of plastic profiles and componentsAnodising, decoration and painting according to RALSelling profile systems and components