Anodising is a chemical treatment of metals and alloys that creates a coating (an anodic oxide film) on the surface of a product. Scientifically speaking, it is the growth of pores on the surface of a metal substrate, creating an oxide film on the surface of metals and alloys by anodic polarisation in a conductive medium. The anodic oxide film created in the anodisation process is a protective and decorative coating. Metal products after anodisation are regarded as wear-resistant, resistant to the influence of the environment and do not lose their neat appearance for a long time. Unlike painting, anodising does not just cover the surface, it "penetrates" deep into the metal, which provides better protection of the product against corrosion. The anodizing technology for advertising profiles and flagpoles allows us not only to protect them from corrosion and extend their life, but also to give them a stylish appearance. The anodising surface options include silver, gold, bronze, brushed anode and shot blasting. We anodise in class 15, according to European standards.

Many of our customers' projects require profiles of different colours and textures. We therefore offer wood décor by means of sublimation technology and powder coating of profiles in any colour from the RAL scale.