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    PR TR046/1SM

    Profile bus 46 mm combined with 2 grooves 8.6 mm and 19.3 mm wide.

    It is used for installation in mounting and milling tables as guide rails for moving or attaching stops, stops, clamps, clamps and other devices to them.

    8.6 mm groove is suitable for movement of the head of an M8 bolt, an oval nut 12x25 M6 or M8, and is also compatible with a 13 mm slider profile.

    Groove 19.3 mm is designed to move sliders and equipment 3/4 inch wide in it.


    Profile bus 46 mm combined PR TR046 / 1SM, anode., Matt silver, 6.1 m, 4.23 kg.

    * Sold in multiples of 0.5 whip (6.1 m).