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    Global Engineering is launching a new range of GlobalTOOLS products. These are quality tools for woodworking. It includes workbench stops for fixing workpieces on assembly-milling tables, milling template assembly kits with a millimeter scale for easy adjustment of the milling field, T-track profiles for mounting equipment on assembly-milling tables, universal profiles and profiles for moving fixed stops, carriages, transports and various attachments. The whole line is presented under the Russian brand GlobalTOOLS. A list of fittings and related products can be found in each category. The profiles are made from high quality anodised aluminium, which is highly durable and not prone to corrosion, chemical and physical damage or deformation. "Global Engineering" manufactures and carries out wholesale deliveries of tools and accessories for woodworking throughout Russia and abroad. You can buy the goods at retail on the trading platform of our official representative in the section Profiles for assembly-milling tables.

    Router jig

    sets of profiles with slots for mounting on a table or workpiece using clamps

    Profile Buses

    aluminum profiles for assembly milling tables

    Workbench stops

    are used to stop (secure) workpieces on Festool MFT tables or similar