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    T-track compound, with ruler KT EM

    T-track compound with ruler KT EM is used for installation in circular and workbenches as a guide rail for moving or fixing stops, limiters, clamps, clamps and other devices on it.

    It has 2 8.6 mm slots for the M8 bolt head, an oval nut 12x25 M6 or an oval nut 12x25 M8. Compatible with a 13 mm slider profile. To compensate for the gap between the side wall of the groove and the slider use polyurethane tape. The tape thickness is 0.16 or 0.23 mm to choose from. It has a groove with a width of 13.3 mm for fixing the dimensional scale.

    The T-track consists of two segments with a length of 1.3 + 0.2 m, has a groove with a width of 13.3 mm for gluing the size scale.

    Technical specifications:

    • Type of coating: anodized
    • Length: 1.3 + 0.2 m
    • Weight: 0.9 kg