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    Universal system of aluminum profiles for the production of information panels and signs with wide range of sizes and configurations

    Display Profiles

    Insert profiles

    for the production of panel layout

    Methods of applying information: vinyl film, engraving

    for frequent and quick change of information on panels

    Into the grooves of the profile 0.8-1.2 mm thick plates are inserted

    Display profile 31 mm
    IS DI31/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,19 kg
    IS DI31/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,19 kg
    Profile slide bar 31 mm
    IS FS31/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,16 kg
    IS FS31/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,16 kg
    Display profile 62 mm
    IS DI62/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,36 kg
    IS DI62/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,36 kg
    Insert profile 31 mm
    IS IN31/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,16 kg
    IS IN 31/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,16 kg
    Display profile 93 mm
    IS DI93/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,53 kg
    IS DI93/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,53 kg
    Insert profile 62 mm
    IS IN62/1GM, anode, matte silver, 0,32 kg
    IS IN62/1SM, anode, matte gold, 0,32 kg
    Display profile 125 mm
    IS DI125/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,73 kg
    IS DI125/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,73 kg
    Insert profile 93 mm
    IS IN 93/1GM, anode, matte silver, 0,52 kg
    IS IN 93/1SM, anode, matte gold, 0,52 kg
    Display profile156 mm
    IS DI156/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,8 kg
    IS DI156/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,8 kg
    Display profile 187 mm
    IS DI187/1SM, anode, matte silver, 1,19 kg
    IS DI187/1GM, anode, matte gold, 1,19 kg


    Profiles for typesetting panels

    Profile upper/lower radius
    IS TB15/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,21 kg
    IS TB15/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,21 kg
    Profile side radius
    IS SI57/1SM, anode, matte silver, 6,1 м, 0,43 kg
    IS SI57/1GM, anode, matte gold, 6,1 м, 0,43 kg
    Middle profile
    IS MI90/1SM, anode, matte silver, 0,6 kg
    IS MI90/1GM, anode, matte gold, 0,6 kg
    Support profile
    IS SU46/1MF, unpainted, 0,22 kg