Very often designers and architects are faced with the need to use special profile systems in a project which are not in series production. Our extensive experience in the development of profile systems, our well-established connections with manufacturing plants and our extensive material processing capabilities enable us to offer a tailor-made profile system service.

We take responsibility for all phases of the development and production of a profile system and control the quality and timing of the materials:

- We prepare profile system drawing (based on customer's sketches)
- Determine order price
- Organize prototype production (matrix tool)
- Place order and monitor the entire production process
- Customers receive finished profile system with all necessary components and treated surface (different variants of anodizing, decorating, painting according to RAL). We guarantee our customers a high quality end product and full compliance with international standards.

The lead time for the production of drawing profile systems is individual and depends on the complexity of the section and the requirements for the final surface finish.