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    Universal ruler GT (UniRuler)

    The universal GT ruler (UniRuler) of L-shaped section of silver color is widely used for cutting sheet and roll materials. Frame of the profile is designed in such a way that the ruler fits snugly on the surface of any material.

    The mounting ruler has a modern appearance:

    • the case is made of durable anodized aluminum;

    • the ruler is equipped with a full-size metric scale;

    • it has a hole for secure wall storage.

    GT mounting ruler     GT mounting ruler

    The universal GT ruler (UniRuler) ensures precise and even lines when cutting. You can use the ruler to make drawings, to cut products, to apply hatching and marking. Therefore, the ruler must be present in the basic set of tools for any production. The measurement scale consists of metric and inch values ​​presented in black on a classic white background.

    The tool is simple and safe to use:

    • comfortable handle holder protects hands from cuts;

    • the ruler does not slide on the work surface, two locking silicone cords fix the ruler on the material;

    • steel rod in the edge, protects both the ruler and tools from wear;

    • production tolerance 0.5 mm.

    Working with the universal GT line     Working with the universal GT line

    Working with the universal GT ruler, we proudly declare a very long service life of the product. The ruler is a necessary tool for any production: in a carpentry and sewing workshop, for cutting floor coverings, any decorative panels, fabrics, self-adhesive films, auto vinyl, photo paper, banner fabric, PVC plastic, foam board.

    Измерительная линейка GT WB      Измерительная линейка GT (UniRuler)

    The universal ruler GT are available in 8 sizes:

     Product name Length, mm  Weight, kg
     SE0600  600  0,77
     SE0800  800  1,15
     SE1000  1000  1,24
     SE1200  1200  1,48
     SE1300  1300  1,603
     SE1500  1500  1,84
     SE1600  1600  1,963
     SE2000  2000  2,2