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    Profile Buses

    PR TR019/1SM

    Profile Bus 19 mm strenghtened with one Groove under the Bolt M8 Head, Oval Nut 12x25 M6 or M8

    PR TR030/1SM

    The aluminum Profile Bus 30 mm with 1 groove 19.3 mm (3/4 inch)

    PR TR035/1SM

    алюминиевая профиль-шина 35 мм с 2-мя пазами 8,6 мм

    PR TR046/1SM

    Profile bus 46 mm combined with 2 grooves 8.6 mm and 19.3 mm wide

    PR TR051/1SM

    Profile Bus 51 mm, anode, matt silver, 6.1 m, 4.93 kg

    PR TR013/1SM

    Profile Slider 13 mm, anode, matt silver, 3.05 m, 0.894 kg

    PR SL019/1SM

    алюминиевый профиль-ползун 19 мм (PR SL019) для установки в шины 30 и 46 мм

    PR TR032/1SM

    Profile-tire 32 mm for bench rest PRTR 032/1 SM, anode., frosted silver, 6.1 m, 2,159 kg.

    PR TR100/1SM

    It is used for making of Stops in Assembly and Milling or Circular Tables